At John McGowan & Sons we offer outdoor workmanship in a variety of different materials, ensuring that your dream landscape, driveway, or outdoor retreat becomes a reality. Here are some of the most popular construction materials that we use on residential and commercial jobs:


A mixture of sand, stone or gravel components. Usually compacted
to 1 ½” and covers a crushed aggregate base or foundation.

Tip: Patch cracks and other openings immediately.
Sealing should be done every 3 to 5 years instead of
every year or every other year.

Oil and Stone

Consists of either bluestone or burgundy gravel. Base
combines layers of recycled aggregate, street tar and blacktop.

Tip: A thin layer of asphalt provides a more stable foundation
rather than using a base of crushed gravel or street tar.


Stone-like material used for various structural purposes.
Usually consisting of a mixture of cement and various aggregates
as sand, pebbles, gravel or shale with water and allowing
the mixture to harden.

Tip: It is virtually maintenance free, lasting up to
five times longer than asphalt.

Paving Stone

A concrete product that comes in different shapes and

Tip: The stones have natural expansion joints built into
the design, which resist cracking and crumbling from freeze-thaw

Decorative or Stamped Concrete

Identical to regular concrete- but includes a pattern
that is stamped into the surface before it dries.

Tip: The concrete can be stamped to look like wood, stone
or brick. Using decorative concrete over existing concrete
isn’t always practical due to the potential broken conditions
of the existing concrete.