Drainage And Sanitary Systems Installation:

At John McGowan & Sons, we are Long Island’s drainage and sanitary system experts. From system installations to replacements, we will expertly design and install the following solutions for your home or business:

image of trench installationCatch Basin Installation

Used for the purpose of drainage. Storm water enters through a grate and then down into the structure. We excavate and remove existing soil as needed to set catch basin. After setting the basin, a new cast iron frame and grate is set at established grade by using Portland cement and sand mixture.

Cesspool Installation

A private sewage system that when installed allows sewage from the house to flow into a tank where the liquids filter through openings in the rings and are absorbed into the earth. The top of the cesspool is provided with a tightly fitted concrete lid.

*We do not drain existing cesspools, we only install them*

Trench Drain Installation

Trench drain systems shall consist of a concrete channel set in a concrete footing. Cast iron grates are set in a steel reinforced frame painted black. Trench drains are most commonly installed to eliminate existing drainage issues in a yard, driveway or parking lot that can cause water problems inside of a home or business. Our trench professionals expertly plan, excavate, prep the area and pour the concrete footing(s) to properly install new trench drains.

Drywell Installation

Dirt is excavated and removed in order to install precast rings. Once excavation is completed by our experts, new precast rings shall be installed. Excavation depth shall be determined based on the evaluation of soil conditions on site. Excess soil and unsuitable material shall be removed from the site during the excavation phase of the project. Clean granular fill or gravel shall be back-filled around all precast to a maximum depth of 18’.

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