Masonry And Concrete Work

In towns across Long Island, we are best known for our professional masonry and concrete work – from custom backyards to commercial workplaces. Our masonry and concrete services include:

image of paving stonesConcrete Slab

Concrete slab services start by removing existing material as required. This is followed by fine grading and compacting the sub base with vibratory equipment, and then placing concrete in a depth of 4″-10″ slabs. With this type of project, the concrete strength shall range from 3,000-5,000 psi depending upon the requirements set forth at the beginning of the work. All concrete is reinforced with wire mesh as required.

Concrete Curb

With concrete curb projects, we start off by excavating a new trench, followed by compacting existing sub base and establishing grade. Next, wood forms are set along a string line set in the project’s field. Concrete is then placed between the forms with expansion joints set every 20 feet. At the end of the job, forms are removed and the wood is floated to meet  the desired finish.

Concrete Pavers

When working with concrete pavers, all existing material is excavated 6″-8″ in depth (depending upon soil conditions). After the excavation, we install graded base aggregates to the desired depth and then compact the aggregate with a vibratory plate compactor in lifts to achieve proper compaction rate. Next, we install 1″ of fine Long Island sand. We then set new pavers in the desired pattern decided prior to the installation. After the savers have been set our team will sweep in additional sand between all of the paving stones as needed. To set the stone we compact them in place using a vibratory plate compactor. This process is repeated until all of the joints are set and filled with sand.

Curbing (Granite/ Belgium Block)

When curbing with granite or Belgium block, we start by excavating a new trench and prepare the subgrade to meet the proper elevation. Next, the curb block is placed in 4”-6” of concrete. Finally, we set a mortar (made from a mixture of cement and sand) for the joints in between the adjacent curb blocks.

Paving Stones

When working on a paving stone project we start by preparing he entire area for the stone installation. The proper excavation of the area allows for placement of a foundation. A stone bedding is leveled and prepared before installing the paving stones. The paving stones are then placed at a 90-degree angle according to the chosen design.

Aprons (Granite/ Belgium Block)

When working with aprons, we start by excavating and removing all existing material to a depth of 10″-12″, depending upon the sub base material. A new concrete slab with wire mesh steel reinforcement is installed next. Finally the aprons are installed, set and pointed by using a mixture of Portland cement and sand.

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